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Frequently Asked Questions

So, you have some questions.  Hopefully, here, you may find some answers


Could you tell me what wax you use?

Our wax is a blend of hydrogenated Soy, Coconut and other sustainable oils and is 100% plant based.  It contains no Beeswax or petroleum derived products.  It also has a naturally wonderfully creamy colour.


When it's warm in the room my candle seems to be sweating. Is that ok??

Yup, it's totally fine.  Soy & Coconut wax is all natural so changes in ambient temperature can affect it but will never affect the integrity of the candle itself.  This is just the fragrance oil being drawn to the surface.  Once you light it up again, the oil will just blend in with the wax again and smell just as amazing as ever!


How do I stop my candle "tunnelling'?

Always let your candle burn until you have achieved a full melt pool across the top of the surface of the candle.  This will ensure that when you extinguish it, you're left with a perfectly flat top ready to carry on burning next time!

We recommend burning your candle for at least 3-4 hours each time (70g at least 2 hours).

Sometimes I get a black, sooty residue inside the glass after a burn

This may be because you didn't trim your wick before re-lighting your candle.  You know how much we go on at you to keep that wick nice and neat!! You can just wipe the soot off with a damp piece of kitchen towel then make sure you have a nice neat wick (1cm max length) and go ahead and light that beauty up again!  The other reason may be leaving the candle in a draught which can cause excess smoking.


Can I re-use my candle glass?
Absolutely YES! Once you've sadly reached the bottom of your candle, we recommend pouring the little bit of leftover wax into some kitchen towel carefully then wiping the glass clean whilst still molten (so as not to clog your sink with wax!), then give the glass a good wash with washing up liquid and hot water, pull out the wick retainer and VOILA! You have a lovely glass to do with anything you like! The glasses can be re-purposed as drinking glasses, pen pots, flower pots to name a few ideas.


If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to drop us a line to, and we'll do our best to answer.