Our cashmere candle in amber jar in the bathroom

Why do our candles last so long?

We are very aware that we are most definitely NOT alone in the candle making industry.  There are hundreds of candle companies up and down the land all making a variety of wax based goods! Some are huge and perhaps a little on the mass produced side for our liking, but many like us, are small artisan outfits who just love what they do and want to produce the best products they possibly can.

One of the most lovely and heartening pieces of regular feedback we get from our growing customer base is how amazed they are at how long our candles burn, and how cleanly they do so. 

There are a few reasons for this which we'll share with you here...

1. We use only the best soy & coconut wax which is a blend of hydrogenated soy, coconut and other sustainable oils and is 100% plant-based. 

2. Our fragrance oils are all high-quality oils, blended by fragrance experts in France and the UK who create our distinctive scents which we buy from our amazing wholesaler in Scotland. All our fragrances are thoroughly tested for optimal performance and safety before we buy them.

3. We test each and every fragrance and size of candle vessel for a minimum of 3 full burns before we even consider pouring them to sell to you. They have to burn for at least the amount of hours we advertise on our product pages, if not more!

4. We also spend a long time choosing the correct size wick for each candle.  Did you know there are literally hundreds of different sized wicks out there?!

5. We provide a comprehensive candle care card with every candle we sell to ensure you know exactly how to look after your precious purchase.  You've spent your hard earned cash on it - you want to get the best performance out of it!!

6. We are always available to chat to either online or on the phone, or indeed in person at our pop ups and craft fairs we attend throughout the year.

So there you have it.  Why not pick one of our amazing array of fragrances to suit all tastes and put us to the test!!

As you were.

Van xx


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