Van & Katie with their SBS Award Certificate

Where do the hours go?

The last few months have been really tricky in terms of finding enough hours in the day to give the full amount of time and focus we need to the business.  Like any small business run by parents of young children, we are pulled in every direction ALL the time! Between us we have 6 children (Katie has the lion's share to be fair - she has 4 of them!) and the struggle of keeping the balance between work and keeping them all fed, watered and everything else, is very real!

So what do we need to do in order to strike that precious balance between growing our beloved business and keeping the rest of the ship on an even keel?!

It's a work in progress obviously, but we do find that trying to plan our week in advance gives us at least a wish-list of achievements, even if we don't quite manage all of them! We do know that time management is key to it all, and we are not quite masters of it yet...

As the marvellous Stacey Solomon recently said at the #SBSEVENT2024 in Birmingham - at which we were lucky enough to be there as #SBSWinners - the one thing you must really not feel is guilty.  Guilty for wanting to do something for yourself, even if it is sometimes at the expense of family time.  It is vital to us, as mothers, to keep our sense of identity and personal fulfilment, which in turn will make us hopefully better role models for those children of ours. 

On that note, I'm now off to label every item of my daughter's clothes for her school residential whilst watching the dream..!

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